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Travel insurance policies to meet your needs

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We provide a range of travel insurance policies to meet differing needs. For example:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer or a heart condition - click here
  • HIV. Our specialist policy can also include other medical conditions if you have any and doesn't disclose your status on the documents - click here
  • Private hospital treatment (policies usually cover treatment only in State hospitals). We have a 'top-up' policy - click here
  • Terminal prognosis? - click here
  • If you are older: our policy doesn't have an age limit - click here
  • Already left the UK? Forgotten to take out travel insurance or you're abroad and you wish to extend a trip but your current provider is unable to help? click here
  • Not lived in the UK for six months and need travel insurance? - click here
  • Going on a long trip? We can cover you for up to 365 days! - click here
  • Need one-way cover? - click here
  • Going skiing? - click here
  • Taking part in sports or activities? - click here
  • Backpacking? - click here
  • Non-UK resident and wish to travel to any other country? - click here

All our policies provide comprehensive cover, including medical expenses, cancellation, curtailment, loss of baggage and personal items, winter sports and other activities and much more.

To see the summary of cover and full wording for each policy, please click on one of the buttons above.

We can provide a quotation for travel insurance for virtually any kind of medical condition, including when someone has secondary tumours or is in between chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments. We can also quote to include cover for depression, anxiety or other mental health condition. We can even provide a quotation when someone has a terminal illness.