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TWO NEW BENEFITS now available on our Left UK, No Residency Condition, HIV, One Way Trip and Long Stay policies: receive alerts about situations that could affect your travel with 360 Assistance. Delayed at an aiport for longer than 2 hours? Gain access to the Executive Lounge with Stranded Passenger.
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We believe in helping you safeguard your travel arrangements, so you're not exposed to severe financial risk, should something unforeseen happen. We also believe you should be treated as a real person, not just a policy number. Why do we believe this? Because we have developed from the medical charity sector, not from what some people might regard as the hard-faced insurance or financial sectors.

We understand that people are in different situations and therefore have differing needs. We've therefore developed a range of travel insurance policies to meet those needs. For example:

Residency conditions: some policies can cover residents of the Channel Islands but some do not. Please check the policy wording of the policy appropriate to you.

To see the summary of cover and full wording for each policy, please click on one of the buttons above or go to the quotation system for the policy.