Travel insurance policies to meet your needs

We provide a range of travel insurance policies to meet differing needs:

  • whether or not you have pre-existing medical conditions that need to be covered;
  • you're an older person: our pre-existing medical condition policy doesn't have an age limit. Even if you don't have medical conditions to be covered, you can still buy it;
  • you have already left the UK and forgotten to take out travel insurance;
  • you wish to extend a trip but your policy with another provide is not able to extend cover;
  • you're looking for travel insurance to cover winter sports or other activities;
  • you're looking for backpacker travel insurance;
  • you're a non-UK resident and wish to travel to any other country.

>NEW: A travel insurance policy that allows you to have private treatment!

Travel insurance policies in the UK usually state that you have to be treated in a state/public hospital. We can now provide a 'top-up' policy that will cover you if you choose to have medical treatment in a private facility. Click here for further details of the private medical treatment travel insurance.

Details of our policies will depend on which one you purchase and the level of cover chosen. To see the summary of cover and full wording for each policy, please click on one of the buttons above.

Our policies provide comprehensive cover, including:

  • Medical expenses including treatment and medication
  • Cancellation (for example if you're medically unfit to travel)
  • Curtailment (for example if you have to cut short your trip in certain circumstances)
  • Repatriation if it's medically necessary
  • Lost/stolen/damaged baggage and personal items
  • Cover for valuables
  • Delay
  • Ski and winter sports
  • Cover for single trips or any number of trips within an annual, multi-trip policy (except our Already Left the UK policy

We can provide a quotation for travel insurance for virtually any kind of medical condition, including when someone has secondary tumours or is in between chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments. We can also quote to include cover for depression, anxiety or other mental health condition. We can even provide a quotation when someone has a terminal illness.