Travel insurance if you're travelling to the USA

Travelling to the USA?

Make sure you're adequately insured when you visit America

Holiday travel insurance when travelling to the USA

We have different policies depending on your circumstances, all of which include cover in America.

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Travel insurance to the USA is absolutely vital! Not taking out travel insurance could expose you to serious financial risk. We wouldn't want that to happen to you. Taking out our travel insurance ensures that you'll be protected against things such as:

  • Medical expenses - medical bills in the USA can easily run into thousands of pounds
  • Cancellation - if you're ill or have an accident before you set off, you'll be able to claim for things like travel (remember how much you spent on your air fare!) and accommodation costs
  • Missed departure - hopefully you won't get caught in a traffic jam to the airport!
  • Travel delays - even the best airlines can make you queue if there's been a problem
  • Repatriation to the UK - if you are unlucky enough to be injured or be ill and need to get back to the UK. This includes getting you back by air ambulance and, if necessary, accompanied by a nurse or doctore (this really would run into many of thousands of pounds!)
  • Loss of baggage and personal items
  • Loss of passport
  • Public Liability - if you injure someone and they sue you (remember how litigious a country the USA is!)

We have different levels of cover which you can view as part of the quotation process by clicking one of the links below, depending on which of our policies is appropriate to you.

You can choose to add cover for additional eventialities such as natural disasters, skiing, more dangerous sports or activities.