Ski and winter sports holiday travel insurance

Winter sports and ski travel insurance

Our policies can include cover for winter sports activities

Ski and winter sports holiday travel insurance

We have different policies depending on your circumstances and winter sports can be included in them. Simply click the appropriate button at the bottom of the page to obtain your quotation and to book online.

Ski and winter sports travel insurance is an optional extra you can include in your standard travel insurance from us. Some winter sports activities are defined as hazardous activities, so please check the policy wording of the policy that's appropriate to you by clicking on one of the buttons below

If you don't take out the extra provision, there are elements of the standard policy that won't apply to you if you make a claim related in any way to your skiing/winter sports or hazardous activity.

For example, medical costs related to an accident or injury won't be met unless you take out the extra cover. This could expose you to serious financial risk. Medical bills can very quickly mount up and if you needed to be air ambulanced to a hospital (more likely in a ski/hazardous activity accident than normally) this could cost many thousands of pounds!

There are other additional benefits of taking out the extra cover. Our policy will cover you for:

  • Winter sports equipment
  • Hired winter sports equipment
  • Ski pack
  • Piste closure
  • Avalanche closure

Benefits are per person

The above examples of cover are in addition to our standard cover, which includes:

  • Cancellation - if you're medically unfit to travel: claim for travel andaccommodation costs
  • Curtailment - if you need to cut short your trip because of ill health or a close relative at home being seriously ill
  • Repatriation - getting you back to the UK on medical grounds, including by air ambulance or accompanied by a doctor or nurse, if necessary
  • Delayed/Missed Departure - payments if, through no fault of your own, your travel is delayed or your miss your departure
  • Lost or stolen baggage/personal items
  • Replacement medication - many people take some form of medication. It's important for this to replaced and we'll insure you for it