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Senior travel insurance - specially for you!

Are you finding it difficult to obtain travel insurance because you're older? We specialise in providing travel insurance if you are an older person, whether you're over 65, 70, 75, 80, or even over 90. In fact, our policy that can include medical conditions doesn't have an upper age limit. Even if you don't have a medical condition that needs to be covered, you can still be insured by that policy - simply go through the quotation process without declaring any.

Why is it often difficult to get travel insurance as we get older? Many people quite rightly point out that we live longer and that older people these days are much fitter, more active and, often, more financially able to travel.

However, statistics do show that the older we get, there is a greater chance that we will need to make a claim (especially a medical one) and the higher the claim amount will be. This has to be balanced against the levels of the premiums for the policy, to ensure there is enough money 'in the pot' to meet the total cost of claims. We feel we have got that balance about right, so we're able to offer cover for older people, including their pre-existing medical conditions.

As any of us gets older, it's even more important to be properly insured when we travel - especially if we have any medical conditions. And there are few of us who are older who don't have any!

senior travel insurance for older peopleIf you're not adequately insured, you're exposing yourself to potentially serious financial risk at a time in life when you least need to. We've all heard how expensive medical tests and treatment can be in the USA; but it's becoming more expensive in some European countries, too.

We often hear people say "Well, I'm fit and healthy. If I do get that ill, I'll just jump on a plane and come back to the UK." It's not always a simple as that! If you become ill, you might need treatment, even hospitalisation. You might not be in a fit state to travel and airlines can refuse to take passengers who, in their opinion, are not fit to fly. They don't want to have to divert a flight because someone's condition deteriorates en route.

Sometimes it's necessary for someone to return to the UK accompanied by a qualified nurse or doctor. If you don't have travel insurance, this is expensive. Even more expensive is if an air ambulance is necessary; then, we're talking many thousands of pounds.

And don't forget, even if you're generally fit and healthy, accidents do happen that might be the fault of someone else and that require you to have medical treatment.

Even if your medical condition is well controlled, for example, blood pressure, if it's not declared and accepted, then no claims even indirectly related to it will be covered. It's not so important to us to know every detail about what happened ten years ago. However, if you are taking medication or seeing a doctor about that medical condition, it is important we know about that. We're more interested in understanding your recent medical circumstances. That way, we can hopefully include the medical conditions you declare to us. We will also then be able to assess the premium for the policy.

Medical bills can be frightening. As we get older, those bills get higher. Statistics show that when an older person makes a medical expense insurance claim, it is often much higher than someone younger. Please don't take the risk of not being adequately protected when you travel.