Medical travel insurance for pre existing medical conditions

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Even stable, well-controlled conditions need to be declared to an insurer


Holiday travel insurance that can include cover for pre-existing medical conditions

Insurers regard a pre-existing medical condition as something for which you’ve sought advice or treatment from a GP or hospital within a certain period before taking out travel insurance. It will also include condition(s) for which you are or have been taking medication.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, we need to know what it is, in order to confirm if we can cover any claims related to it. These can be directly or indirectly related. For example, blood pressure can indirectly lead to a stroke or heat attack. When obtaining a quotation or booking your policy, you add a condition at a time and then our system will ask you questions relevant to it. Our system will then provide a quotation based in including the condition(s) in the policy. You can remove a condition but we advise not doing so because if you then made a claim that was directly or indirectly related to it, the claim could be declined.

Some people think that because their condition is stable because of taking medication eg blood pressure or cholesterol, then these aren’t regarded as pre-existing medical conditions. However, they are and should be declared when taking out insurance.

If you don’t declare a condition and you then need to make a claim that’s linked to it, the insurer could decline to meet the claim. You could be exposing yourself to serious financial risk. Take the example of someone who has a stroke that’s linked to blood pressure that hasn’t been declared and accepted for cover. That person will probably need immediate treatment in hospital, possibly involving a specialist. They might need to extend their trip because of treatment and they would natually like their relative or other travelling companion to be with them. Travel insurance would pay for extra accommodation costs and new return flights in this situation.

If the person was well enough to travel, it might be on the condition that they are accompanied by a nurse or doctor. This could be on a scheduled flight and the insurance would pay for this. If it was necessary to repatriate in an air ambulance, then the cost runs into many thousands of pounds – even from a European country. However, if the condition had been declared and accepted, the insurance would pay.

It’s simply not worth the risk of not declaring any pre-existing medical conditions. Trust us, we’ve seen what happens when they’re not and claims are made! To see just some of the pre-existing medical conditions that we can often cover, click the A-Z list under the Travel Insurance link at the top of the page.