Holiday travel insurance if you are over 90

Over 90?

Our travel insurance policy doesn't have an upper age limit!


Holiday travel insurance if you are over 90

Were you thinking that travel insurance for someone over 90 wouldn't be possible? We can insure people over 90!

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, our poicy designed to include them doesn't have an upper age limit, whether you want insurance for a single trip or an annual policy. Maybe you'd thought this would not be possible.

If you don't have any medical conditions to be covered, still choose that policy, simply not adding any conditions.

Most travel insurance does have what's called an upper age limit. This is because the older we get, there is more and more chance of us needing to make a claim - often a medical-related one. And the older we are, the higher the medical claims can be.

It's probably the case that when someone is over 90, they will have one or more medical conditions. It's extremely important that we know about these and, if possible, include them in the travel insurance policy. Otherwise, if a claim is made that's even indirectly linked to an undeclared medical condition, it may well be declined. This could put you in severe financial risk. Please click here for further information.

Even a medical condition is well controlled by medication (for example, high blood pressure), it's still a pre-existing medical condition and should be declared.