Holiday travel insurance if you are over 80

Over 80?

Our travel insurance doesn't have an upper age limit!


Hoiday travel insurance if you are over 80

We provide travel insurance if you're over 80. Maybe you'd thought this would not be possible because most other travel insurance policies have an upper age limit. This policy can include cover for pre-existing medical conditions. Even if you don't have one, simply go through the quotation process without declaring any.

However, if you do have any pre-existing medical conditions, our policy designed to include them.

hy is it often so difficult to find travel insurance if you're over 80? Statistics demonstrate that as we get older, there is an increased risk of us making a claim on a travel insurance policy. When we are over 80, the medical expenses can be greater. Although someone's indidual experience of illness may be that they've rarely been ill and been in hospital, insurance has to be based on assessing a risk in a broader sense.

Most of us have one or more medical conditions when we are over 80. It's extremely important that we know about these and, if possible, include them in the cover we provide for you. Otherwise, if you make a claim that is even indirectly linked to an undeclared medical condition, it may well be declined. This could put you in severe financial risk.

Even if your medical condition (for example, high blood pressure) is well controlled by medication, it's still regarded as a pre-existing medical condition and should be declared. Click here for more information about pre-existing medical condition cover.