Holiday travel insurance if you are over 70

Are you over 70?

Our travel insurance can still cover you!


Holiday travel insurance if you are over 70

People who are over 70 often find it very difficult to obtain travel insurance - especially if they also have any medical conditions that need to be included. This policy doesn't have an upper age limit, so even if you don't have any medical conditions, go through our quotation process for this policy without adding a condition. Other insurance policies often have an upper age limit

Why is this? Well, as we get older, there is a higher chance that we will need to make a claim and when we are over 70, the medical expenses can be greater, so many policies have an upper age limit and won't include someone who's over 70 with medical conditions.

If you do have medical conditions, it's very important that you declare them. If you don't and you need to make a medical expense claim, it's possible it will be declined if it's at all related to an undeclared, pre-existing medical condition. Please click here for further information.

Even if your medical condition (for example, high blood pressure) is well controlled by medication, it's still regarded as a pre-existing medical condition and should be declared.