Loss of Baggage & Personal Items



If your baggage or personal items are lost or stolen, it can be not only inconvenient but also distressing.
Our policies cover your for this kind of situation as long as you have taken reasonable care. It's important to read the policy wording you received with your documents. It will explain what we need you to do and in what time-frame eg if and by when we need you to obtain a report from the police.
All travel insurance policies have what's called a maximum level of cover per individual item, especially items that come under the definition of Valuables (again, please see the definition in your policy wording).
Travel insurance meets your claim on what’s called an indemnity basis. In other words, the value of the items is determined considering depreciation because of their age.
This is different to being replaced on a new-for-old basis, where the value is taken as being the cost of replacing the item at the time of loss.
This is why we suggest that, if you have home contents insurance, you check that you have cover for items away from home. Contents insurance usually pays claims on a new-for-old basis, so you have better cover.