Travel insurance if you've already left the UK


A surprising number of people travel without taking out insurance. Some think it's just not necessary but many forget to, even though they intended to take out a policy.

Alternatively, you might have a travel insurance but you now intend to stay away for longer - past the expiry date of the policy. It's quite likely that your insurer won't allow you to extend it because you're currently outside the UK.If you do forget to take out travel insurance, we have a special policy for people who have already left the UK:
There are certain criteria and conditions that have to be met before we can issue the policy to you. An important one is that the policy cannot cover any pre-existing medical conditions. Our definition of what constitutes a pre-existing medical condition can be found on the page.
We can cover people automatically up to the age of 65. If you are over 65, the underwriter needs to decide on a case by case basis but almost all are approved. You simply need to answer a few questions. The underwriter is usually able to make the decision on the same day but please submit the form as soon as possible.