Cancellation cover


its so easy travel insurance cancellation coverWhy do we keep emphasising the importance of having travel insurance in place when you book a trip? Because of the possibility of cancellation.

No one thinks they'll need to cancel their holiday but things do happen in life that we could never have predicted. We don't want to linger on the negative but sometimes we can become ill or have an accident (which could be caused by someone else) and are therefore not fit to travel. Sometimes a travelling companion or close relative might become ill and you need to cancel your planned holiday.

You'd be disappointed enough having to cancel your trip; don't add to it by not being able to recoup the money you've spent because you're not properly insured. You could easily lose far more than the price of an insurance policy!

If you buy a single trip policy, cover for cancellation costs begins right away.

However, if you buy an annual policy, cover for cancellation for your first trip is in place only from the start date you choose for the policy, which might not be the date you purchase it. Therefore, if something happens that causes you to cancel, you will not be insured. Cancellation for future trips will, thereafter, be in place.

Bear in mind that a claim for cancellation is valid only under certain circumstances, which are listed in the policy wording. The wording for all our policies can be found within the quotation and booking system.