Travel insurance if you've already left the UK


A surprising number of people travel without taking out insurance. Some think it's just not necessary but many forget to, even though they intended to take out a policy.

Alternatively, you might have a travel insurance but you now intend to stay away for longer - past the expiry date of the policy. It's quite likely that your insurer won't allow you to extend it because you're currently outside the UK.If you do forget to take out travel insurance, we have a special policy for people who have already left the UK:
There are certain criteria and conditions that have to be met before we can issue the policy to you. An important one is that the policy cannot cover any pre-existing medical conditions. Our definition of what constitutes a pre-existing medical condition can be found on the page.
We can cover people automatically up to the age of 65. If you are over 65, the underwriter needs to decide on a case by case basis but almost all are approved. You simply need to answer a few questions. The underwriter is usually able to make the decision on the same day but please submit the form as soon as possible.

Not received your policy documents?


When you buy one of our policies and you have an e mail address, the moment your payment has been authorised, our system will send you an e mail with your policy documents attached.

Have you ever not received an e mail? How is it we receive so many that we don't want but sometimes those that are important to us imply don't show up in our Inbox.

We've noticed that sometimes our e mail with policy documents doesn't arrive and we understand how frustrating that is. We often wonder where these e mails go, especially when we have the correct e mail address and it's not appeared in the person's junk/spam folder. This is probably a mystery that probably most of us have encountered!
Therefore, we've created a page that explains what to do if you don't receive our e mail:

Our web site address can be a little long to type, so we've set up a shorter version and from there, you have access to all the same pages.
What does iseti stand for? It's So Easy Travel Insurance.
You can also e mail us at or, better still, use the contact form at the foot of our site.

Loss of Baggage & Personal Items



If your baggage or personal items are lost or stolen, it can be not only inconvenient but also distressing.
Our policies cover your for this kind of situation as long as you have taken reasonable care. It's important to read the policy wording you received with your documents. It will explain what we need you to do and in what time-frame eg if and by when we need you to obtain a report from the police.
All travel insurance policies have what's called a maximum level of cover per individual item, especially items that come under the definition of Valuables (again, please see the definition in your policy wording).
Travel insurance meets your claim on what’s called an indemnity basis. In other words, the value of the items is determined considering depreciation because of their age.
This is different to being replaced on a new-for-old basis, where the value is taken as being the cost of replacing the item at the time of loss.
This is why we suggest that, if you have home contents insurance, you check that you have cover for items away from home. Contents insurance usually pays claims on a new-for-old basis, so you have better cover.

COVID-19 Cover


COVID-19 cover

Electronic Equipment Restrictions


The UK Government has announced additional security measures for selected inbound flights to the United Kingdom.
Under the new restrictions, phones, laptops and tablets exceeding 16cm in length, 9.3cm in width or 1.5cm in depth are prohibited in cabins on selected flights to the UK from Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan or Tunisia.
Since most smartphones fall within these limits, we expect that they will continue to be allowed on board.
More information can also be obtained from the relevant airline or the Department for Transport website.
As far as your policy is concerned:
  • Where electronic devices are required to be stored in hold luggage to comply with the new measures, we will cover loss or damage up to the policy limits and subject to all other policy terms and conditions.
  • Following any loss or damage, a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) must be obtained from the carrier.
  • There will be no cover if you do not adhere to these latest travel restrictions and items are confiscated by the relevant authorities.
  • We strongly recommend that you back up information/photos/data before travelling and check your household or other insurances if higher value items are being taken.

Cancellation cover


its so easy travel insurance cancellation coverWhy do we keep emphasising the importance of having travel insurance in place when you book a trip? Because of the possibility of cancellation.

No one thinks they'll need to cancel their holiday but things do happen in life that we could never have predicted. We don't want to linger on the negative but sometimes we can become ill or have an accident (which could be caused by someone else) and are therefore not fit to travel. Sometimes a travelling companion or close relative might become ill and you need to cancel your planned holiday.

You'd be disappointed enough having to cancel your trip; don't add to it by not being able to recoup the money you've spent because you're not properly insured. You could easily lose far more than the price of an insurance policy!

If you buy a single trip policy, cover for cancellation costs begins right away.

However, if you buy an annual policy, cover for cancellation for your first trip is in place only from the start date you choose for the policy, which might not be the date you purchase it. Therefore, if something happens that causes you to cancel, you will not be insured. Cancellation for future trips will, thereafter, be in place.

Bear in mind that a claim for cancellation is valid only under certain circumstances, which are listed in the policy wording. The wording for all our policies can be found within the quotation and booking system.



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