Monarch airlines in liquidation

Monarch Airlines in liquidation

Because we have different policies, we are providing information from the two insurers we use. The Civil Aviation Authority also has information available at

If you are already abroad: There is no need to cut short your holiday. The Civial Aviation Authority (CAA) is arranging return flights for Monarch customers. It's possible but not necessarily the case that you'll experience some delay but it's not going to cost you any extra. The CAA says it will keep groups of travellers together. You should receive information about your flight 48 hours before you're due to travel. Information about return flights organised by the CAA can be found on the part of their web site dedicated to Monarch:

If you've booked a package holiday and haven't yet left the UK: Package holidays are nearly always protected under the ATOL scheme, so you should be able to obtain a refund or alternative holiday. You can verify that you are protected under the ATOL scheme because you will have received an ATOL certificate as soon as you made the payment for the holiday. The certificate is usually pale yellow in colour and has 'ATOL Certificate' at the top.

If you booked directly through Monarch, apply under the ATOL scheme by clicking here.However, the CAA says it will send claim forms to customers by 11th October, using the contact details provided when the holiday was booked.

If you booked a package holiday through a travel agent, you should still have ATOL protection. However, instead of claiming directly to ATOL, contact the company with which you made your booking as they are obliged to provide you with a refund or alternative holiday.

If you have booked a flight only: it is probably not ATOL protected (ATOL usually protects only package holidays). However, if you booked the flight before 14th December 2016, it might be.

If your flight is not ATOL protected, Section 75 of the Consumer Protection Act states that if you have purchased or part-purchased something using a credit card and the amount is between £100 and £30,000, the credit card company is jointly liable. If you have paid direct for your flight, contact your credit card company and tell them you wish to make a Section 75 claim. You can obtain a template letter here.

Travel insurance: If all other legal measures fail, some policies (usually the more premium levels of cover) contain cover against financial failure of a holiday provider. Check what type of policy you have.

If you have a policy with a number beginning ISETI/OKTT this is the information provided by the insurer:

Following the news that Monarch Airlines have gone into administration we would like to clarify what is available to policyholders.

If your trip was booked through a package holiday you should contact them to arrange a full refund, with customers already on holiday being able to return home following confirmation from the Administrators that they will honour the return trips at no extra cost and they will not need to return home early.

Monarch Airlines was part of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) ATOL scheme, so customers with ATOL protected holiday bookings will be able to claim a full refund for their trip.

Any customers already abroad should be able to use the scheduled airline tickets included as part of their booking to return to the UK.

If you have booked a flight only with Monarch Airlines and have done so using your credit card, please contact your card provider to see if a refund is available.

People who have a Monarch package holiday, or flight only, please do not travel to the airport as Monarch is no longer flying. Those who have a Monarch flight booked via their tour operator should contact their tour operator in the first instance.

Cancellation or curtailment is something which is not normally covered when it is due to Scheduled airline failure, unless specific cover has been purchased. Please refer to your policy wording.

In the event that you have specific questions not answered by this directive, please feel free to email us on and we will endeavour to offer an answer.

If you have policy with a number beginning MT/1139, MTLUK/1139, MTLST/1139, MTNRC/1139 or MTOWT/1139 this is the information provided by the insurer:

The financial failure of the Monarch Group (comprising Monarch Airlines Limited, Monarch Holidays Limited, First Aviation Ltd, Avro Ltd and Somewhere2stay Ltd) has affected around 110,000 customers that have already travelled abroad and a further estimated 300,000 with future bookings. 

The Civil Aviation Authority is arranging flights for those already abroad and due to return to the UK on or before the 15th October 2017.  These are provided free of charge and the CAA is also contacting accommodation providers for customers of Monarch Holidays.

All ATOL protected customers that booked directly with Monarch Airlines and due to return after the 15th October will be contacted by the CAA to arrange an alternative scheduled flight.  The CAA will not assist customers that booked flights with another travel company, whether ATOL protected or not, and customers should contact their travel agent or tour operator in the first instance.

We understand that flights booked directly with Monarch Airlines from 15th December 2016 are not ATOL protected.  Customers of Monarch Holidays will be ATOL protected.  We would encourage all customers to check their documentation to verify their own position.

Details of new flights and actions can be found at and a 24 hour helpline is available on 0300 303 2800 from the UK & Ireland and +44 1753 330330 from overseas.

Whilst our policies with Standard level of cover do not cover these events, policyholders who have the Enhanced level cover have Financial Failure Protection included and might be covered for:

  • irrecoverable sums paid in advance
  • additional costs including curtailment where it is unavoidable

The policy limit mirrors the Cancellation section limit up to a maximum of £5,000.  Cover does not apply where the travel or accommodation provider is bonded even if the bond is ultimately shown to be insufficient.

However, redress will be available from credit card (where the amount is £100 or more) and Visa debit card providers and we recommend that they are contacted in the first instance.  Charge cards providers (such as Diners Club) are not liable to refund payments and claims should be submitted to us.

Given the possible volumes, we would ask that initially a claim form is completed and returned to (the relevant form can be downloaded from  Claimants can phone the IPP Claims Office on +44 (0) 208 776 3752.