Specialist travel insurance if you've already left the UK and are abroad

Already left home? No insurance?

Our specialist policy will cover you if you forgot to take out insurance or if you want to stay away longer and your current policy will expire

Travel insurance if you have already left the UK

Have you already left home and realised you don't have travel insurance?

Perhaps you are already abroad and have decided you would like to stay longer with your current insurance policy coming to an end.

Our specialist travel insurance policy is designed for those already travelling outside of the UK and can provide cover up to 79 years of age, for a maximum of 365 days. Available trip durations will vary as follows:

  • 0 to 65 years old: Up to 365 days
  • 66 to 69 years old: Up to 93 days
  • 70 to 74 years old: Up to 62 days
  • 75 to 79 years old: Up to 31 days

There are some conditions and criteria that you need to meet which are outlined below.

Here are the conditions and criteria for this policy:
Please see our policy wording for further information.

  • Our policies will NOT provide any cover if there is Foreign, Commonwealth & Development (FCDO) advice against travel to the country you are visiting/in. Please click here to visit the FCDO website for the current travel advice.
  • This policy will not cover any costs which result from isolation or quarantine, including additional transport or accomodation, whether abroad or in the United Kingdom upon your return.
  • Please note: This policy has a waiting period of 72 hours before the insurance takes full effect. For example: if you require cover to start from the 1st September, you would need to take the policy out prior to the 28th August, with the start date also being the 28th August for the full cover to be in place for the 1st September. In the event of serious injury in connection with an accident, you will be covered from either the date you purchased the policy or from the start date, whichever is later. This is subject to the accident being witnessed and verified by an independent witness.
  • You must be a UK passport holder and have unrestricted entry to the UK.
  • Your main residential address must be in the UK.
  • You must be registered with a general practitioner (GP) in the UK.
  • There is no cover provided for Cancellation of your trip as you have already left the UK.
  • We cover more than 50 medical conditions automatically without additional charge.
  • Any pre-existing medical conditions not automatically covered can now be included subject to our online medical questionnaire.
  • The policy will not provide cover if any of the following apply to you, a travelling companion, an immediate relative, close business associate or someone upon whom your trip depends (whether they are travelling with you or not):
    • You/they were aware of any reason why a trip could be cancelled or curtailed
    • You/they were travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner or in order to get medical treatment abroad
    • You/they have been diagnosed as having a terminal illness
    • You/they were receiving, recovering from, or on a waiting list for inpatient treatment in a hospital or nursing home