Non-disclosire of HIV status


Why don't our travel insurance policy documents indicate that you're HIV+ when other companies' do?
We think that not disclosing HIV on our travel insurance documents is very important for many people. Their family and friends might have no idea they are HIV+ and this would come to light if they happened to see an insurance document that clearly discloses their HIV status. It's a matter of confidentiality. There are probably few people who would like an envelope such as in the photo on the right to drop through their door having also been through the postal system! 
Although our HIV web site is, all our e mail and correspondence has It's So Easy Travel Insurance on them with our 'main' web site All our policies are sold under our company name, so the fact you have a policy with us doesn't, in itself, indicate your HIV status. 
So why do other insurance companies show someone's HIV status on their policy documents?
  • Other travel insurance companies sell their policies to people who can have a range of medical conditions, all of which have to be declared. If there's a claim related to a pre-existing medical condition, the insurers can clearly see if that condition has been declared.
  • Although HIV is obviously a pre-existing medical condition, I have written this policy with my underwriter in such a way that HIV is automatically covered under the policy wording. There is therefore no necessity to declared it again! In fact, as long as you meet our straightforward health warranty, there's no need to go through any medical screening whatsoever.
  • However, if you do have additional medical conditions or they don't meet our health warranty, you do need to go through our medical screening process. Additional medical conditions will be recorded and cover for them confirmed in writing.