Booking online


October 2016
In all our annual policy renewal letters and in other communications, we always urge as many people as possible to obtain quotations and book online. Why do we keep encouraging this? The reason is simple: we want to keep our premiums as low as possible.

There are different ways of doing this. As of October 2016, our premiums have remained the same for some years. Even though our underwriter has sometimes increased them, we have absorbed the price rise and not passed it on to clients.

Another way to keep premiums down is to keep our costs down. Our largest expenditure is the call centre (the same company that handles claims, so they specialise in travel insurance and know our policy well). We have to pay staff to answer calls, whether they result in selling a policy or not. We are charged by the minute, so the fewer calls we need to answer, the lower our costs.

Having said that, we do understand that some people prefer to speak to another person, whereas other prefer not to. We will always be here for you by phone but if it is possible for you to obtain your quotation and book online, you will be contributing to keeping our premiums as low as possible for everyone.