Additonal medical conditions


Do you have additional medical conditions? 
HIV or the treatment for it can sometimes give rise to other medical conditions, one of the most common being heightened cholesterol.
When booking our policy, everyone needs to answer a few questions within the Health Warranty, for example if you have any other chronic, ongoing or recurring illnesses or conditions. If so, then because you don't meet the Health Warranty, we do need you to undergo a medical screening process so we can better understand your particular situation.
Hopefully we will be able to provide cover for any additional medical conditions and there might or might not be an additional premium to pay. This is the same process that other travel insurance policies go through where the premium is determined in part by what medical conditions someone has.
It's very important that all medical conditions are declared, otherwise if a claim is made that's directly or indirectly linked to an undeclared condition, the claim could be declined. This could result in you having to meet high medical costs. It's simply not worth it. For example, we had a client who declared only his HIV to us. He had to be admitted into hospital in America where he ran up a bill of $50,000. Because he hadn't declared his other medical conditions, his claim was declined. Had he declared them, we would have been clear that they were so severe, we weren't able to offer cover. Whether he still would have travelled, we don't know but at least we would have had the opportunity to warn him about the risk he was taking.