Client Area


Everyone who has bought a policy from us and who has internet access has access to their client area.In the client area you can:
  • View, print and download your policy schedule and the policy wording for current policies
  • View expired policies you have purchased
  • Upgrade your policy eg from Europe to Worldwide, add a partner/spouse/children, increase the maximum number of days you can travel per trip within an annual policy
  • Buy a new single trip or annual policy (if you buy an annual policy and have previously purchased an annual policy, our system will automatically quote you a discounted, renewal premium (this discount is off the current premium of an equivalent policy as if it were bought for the first time)
  • Extend your single trip policy (provided the current policy hasn't expired and you have no reason to think you will be making a claim on it)
  • Amend your contact details
  • Cancel a policy (provided it is within 14 days of purchase and you haven't travelled)
You can access your client area from the link in the e mail sent to you with your documents or by going to
You can also click the Client Area link in the top menu at
For your security, we have changed our security protocols and now require passwords to be more complex. If you previously created a more simple password that doesn't meet the new criteria, you will be prompted to create a more complex one before proceeding.
If you can think of other features you'd like to see in your client area, please contact us with your suggestion(s).