Remove Excess


What is an Excess?
An Excess is the amount of a claim that you need to meet. The insurance meets the balance.
As with other types of insurance, there is an Excess payable on many types of claim under our travel insurance. The amount is shown in the Summary of Cover in our Policy Wording.
Here's an example of how the Excess affect a claim: If you make a claim where an excess is payable, this amount is deducted from what the insurance pays. If you make a vlaid claim totalling £200 for medical expenses, and there is an excess payable of £75, you will be reimbursed £125.
How to avoid having to meet the Excess
When you go through our quotation and booking system and are presented with the quotation, there is an option to Remove Excess. If you choose this option, the premium will change slightly. If you then make a valid claim, the policy will pay the full amount and you won't be required to meet the Excess.