Backpacker travel insurance

Backpacking? Travelling in your gap year?

Our comprehensive travel insurance covers you for accidents, sickness and much more


Backpacker/gap year travel insurance

If you’re planning a trip, we understand if travel insurance is not top of your list!

However, we can’t emphasise enough how important it is to be properly covered if you’re backpacking.

Most of us think it’s unlikely we’re going to get ill or have an accident. However, we really can’t predict life that accurately and sometimes an accident will be caused by someone else that can injure us. It’s when something does happen that we’re so glad we took out insurance!

Our backpacker insurance covers people up to the age of 45 and provides comprehensive cover, including for medical expenses, cancellation, curtailment, loss or theft or baggage or personal items.

When you click the link bwloe for your quotation, simply choose Quote on the new page, then ‘Backpacker’ in the What Type of Policy Do You Require drop down list.