360 Assistance and Stranded Passenger Benefits

PLEASE NOTE: These benefits apply only to our Left UK, No Residency Condition, HIV, One Way Trip and Long Stay Trip policies.

Two main concerns for people (other than medical expenses) are being delayed at an airport for hours in uncomfortable surroundings, and developing events such as where to find the nearest medical facility, Embassy or Consul or changing political situation in the country they're visiting.

We're therefore pleased to launch two new benefits: 360 Assistance and Stranded Passenger.

360 Assistance: Register on the system and receive updates relevant to where you're travelling and your itinerary. You will have access to information about medical alerts (eg 'flu or other epidemics) and facilities, useful contact numbers, security issue updates and vaccination requirements. Severe weather, industrial action and other events that might disrupt your travel arrangements are advised to you as they happen. There are also specialists available to provide telephone assistance. This benefit is available whether you have bought our Standard or Enhanced level of cover.

Stranded Passenger: Who wants to be trapped in an uncomfortable airport environment because of a delayed flight? Now, you don't have to! Simply register and let us know your flight number. We'll then monitor it and if you are delayed by more than two hours, we'll send a QR code to your phone, which you use to access one of over 800 Executive Lounges worldwide. We might not be able to do anything about the delay but at least we can make you more comfortable! This benefit is available only if you have bought our Enhanced level of cover. If you currently have the Standard level of cover, you can upgrade to the Enhanced level by logging in to your client area at www.itssoeasytravelinsurance.com/client or telephone us on 0330 606 1434.

For more detailed information about these benefits, please see our policy wording.