Specialist travel insurance if you've already left the UK and are abroad

Already left home? No insurance?

Our specialist policy will cover you if you forgot to take out insurance or if you want to stay away longer and your current policy will expire


Travel insurance if you have already left the UK

Have you already left home and don't have travel insurance? Or maybe you're abroad and your current policy has expired and your insurer won't extend it. Our specialist policy can help you.

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Alternatively, you can call us on 0330 606 1423 (from outside the UK: +44 20 3189 1214).

Here are the conditions and criteria for this policy:

  • You must be a UK passport holder and have unrestricted entry to the UK
  • Your main residential address must be in the UK
  • You must be registered with a general practitioner (GP) in the UK
  • Claims related directly or indirectly to any pre-existing medical condition will not be met. Our definition of a Pre-existing medical Condition is the following: An ongoing medical or dental condition, or related complication you have, the symptoms of which you are aware of, or that is currently being or has been investigated by a medical practitioner, dentist or a chiropractor; or a medical or dental condition for which advice, treatment or medication has been prescribed by one of the people listed in this definition, within 180 days before you purchased your policy. This applies to you, your travelling companion, an immediate relative or someone upon whom your trip depends.
  • People with pre-existing medical conditions can still purchase this policy but no claims relating to a pre-existing condition will be met.
  • If cover has been taken out after you have left home to commence your trip, there is a waiting period of 72 hours from the issue of the policy before the insurance takes effect. Any illness or injury occurring during this waiting period will be considered a Pre-existing medical condition and not covered under the terms of this policy. In the event of serious injury in connection with an accident, you will be covered from the date you take out cover subject to the accident being witnessed and verified by an independent third party.
  • This policy can potentially provide cover up to 79 years of age. However, anyone over 65 needs to complete a short application form and the insurer will decide on a case by case basis if we are able to offer cover, If applicable, the form will appear as part of the quotation and booking process.

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I've got an EHIC - do I really need travel insurance?

Yes! If you don't have travel insurance, you're exposing yourself to potential serious financial risk.

An EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) doesn't necessarily mean you'll get free medical treatment; it merely puts you on the same basis as an insured person in the European country you're visiting. So you may well have to pay for medical treatment and medication costs that would otherwise be covered by our travel insurance. Bills very easily mount up!

Furthermore, an EHIC won't cover you for:

  • repatriation to the UK (this usually costs several thousands of pounds)
  • new return travel costs to the UK or expenses if your trip has to be extended because of medical reasons
  • expenses incurred by a companion so they can remain with you if you're in hospital, beyond your expected return date
  • loss of baggage or personal items while you're away
  • claims for delays of your return trip